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10 by 50, 15 by 45, 20 by 40.

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Q: What are some sketches of rectangles with a perimeter of 120?
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How do you measure perimeter of 18 ft round pool?


What could be the correct measurement of the perimeter of a backyard?

120 ft 4 120 ft2120 ft

The perimeter of a decagon is 120cm If the lengths are all the same what is the length of one side?

12cm a decagon is 10 sides 120/10=12

What dimensions on a rectangles have a perimeter of 120?

Not enough information. This means that there are many solutions. Therefore, the most complete way to give an answer is in the form of a formula. Set the definition of W and L to: W = width of rectangle L = length of rectangle 2W + 2L = 120 [Perimeter of 120 = (Length*2) + (Width*2)] Which simplifies to {W = 60-L | 0 < L <60} (values for X and Y have to be between 0 and 60, but not exactly 0 or 60) So replace L (length) in the simplified formula with any number that is between 0 and 60. Subtract this number from 60 to determine the corresponding width. For example, I can replace L with 40, and the equation becomes W = 60-40 Simplifies to W = 20 So, one possible solution is W=20 and L=40.

What is the perimeter of 1200 centimeters squared?

Knowing the area doesn't tell the perimeter. There are an infinite number of different perimeters that can all enclose the same area. The shortest one is a circle. The next shortest is a square. From there, you can actually make the perimeter as large as you want, with no limit, while keeping the area constant. Examples: 30 cm by 40 cm . . . . area = 1,200 cm2 . . . perimeter = 140 cm 10 cm by 120 cm . . . area = 1,200 cm2 . . . perimeter = 260 cm 2 cm by 600 cm . . . . area = 1,200 cm2 . . . perimeter = 1,204 cm 1 cm by 1,200 cm. . . area = 1,200 cm2 . . . perimeter = 2,402 cm 1

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What is the perimeter of a rectangle if the area is 120?

The answer is indeterminate, because there are many different rectangles, with different perimeters, whose area can equal 120. Some examples (area being length X width, and perimeter being 2 X length + 2 X width): * Where L=20 & W=6, A=120 and P=40+12=52. * Where L=30 & W=4, A=120 and P=60+8=68. * Where L=60 & W=2, A=120 and P=120+4=124.

If the area is 900cm squared what is the perimeter?

The perimeter is 120 cm

What is the perimeter of a soccer field that is 120 yards long and 60 yards wide?

Perimeter = 120+60+120+60 = 360 yards

How many 120 feet by 75 feet rectangles would fit in an acre?

Approximately 4.8 rectangles.

What is perimeter of a football field?


How do you construct a trian gle with a perimeter of 120?

how do you construct a triangle which has a perimeter of 120 and the base angles abc be 30 and 45 degrees

You have 540 rectangles and trapezoids you have 120 more trapezoids than rectangles How many of each do you have?

Suppose there are R rectangles and T trapezoids. Then R + T = 540 and T = R + 120 Substituting this value of T in the previous equation gives R + (R + 120) = 540 or 2R + 120 = 540 so that 2R = 420 or R = 210. Then T = R + 120 gives T = 210 + 120 = 330.

What is the perimeter of a regular octagon with a 15cm sides?

Perimeter = 8*15 = 120 cm

The perimeter of a square playground is 120m what is the area?


What is the perimeter of a figure if the area is 900?

120 is possible

What is the perimeter of a rectangle that measures 120 feet by 80 feet?

It is: 120+80+120+80 = 400 feet

What is the of a rectangle with a width of12 feet and length of 10feet?

If the asker is referring to area, the answer is 120 feet. Area = base times height (A=bh) A=(12)(10)=120 If the asker is referring to perimeter, then the answer is 44 feet. Since rectangles have 2 sets of congruent sides, perimeter can be defined as 2(Width+length) P=2(10+12)=2(22)=44

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