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There are 4 components of angles and they are:-

1 Acute angle which is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees

2 Right angle which is 90 degrees

3 Obtuse angle which is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees

4 Reflex angle which is greater than 180 but less than 360 degrees

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Q: What are the components of an angle?
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What is the angle between the components of a vector 0 or 90?

If a vector is broken up into components the angle between the components is 90 degrees.

What is the angle between rectangular componenet of a vector?

Rectangular components of vector have an angle of 90 degrees.

Are rectangular components always at right angle to each other?

Not necessarily.

How do you find the vector components only given the magnitude and angle?

One component = (magnitude) times (cosine of the angle).Other component = (magnitude) times (sine of the angle).In order to decide which is which, we have to know the angle with respect to what.

When you apply force at an angle to the direction of movement of the force does work?

When you apply force at an angle to the direction of movement, two components result; F.D + FxD. F.D = -FDcos(angle) called work and FXD = FDsin(angle) called torque.

How do i find the components of a vector?

Usually the two familiar components are opposite and adjacent. For opposite sine function and for adjacent cosine function have to used. Hence as R is to be resolved then the components are R sin@ and R cos@, where @ is the angle of R with its adjacent.

How to find the height of the projectile launch if the angle velocity and the distance are given?

Get the value of initial velocity. Get the angle of projection. Break initial velocity into components along x and y axis. Apply the equation of motion .

How can you use right angle trigonometry to design a new hospital?

Whenever the hospital has walls or foundations, or other lines that are not parallel to the x, y, or z axis, you will need to use trigonometry ot calculate the length and angle of these components.

If the x and y components of a vector are respectively 6 and 8. What is the length and angle of inclination?

The length, or magnetude, of the vector is the square root of (6^2 + 8^2), or 10. The angle of inclination is tan-1 of (8/6), or 53.13 degrees.

Can a component of vector have a magnitude greater than the magnitude of vector?

yes,if the components are making angle 0<=theta<=90 no ,the magnitude of vector can never attain a negative value |a|=square root of both components which always gives a positive value

What three components make up a film?

focal lengthtelephoto lenseswide angle lensesThe three components (besides the film) of a basic camera are:the camera body (a light-tight box)the light opening (aperture)the shutter (closure mechanism)

Resolve a displacement of 700 cm into two components along direction lines that lie on opposite sides of the displacement and each of which makes an angle of 30 with the displacement?

no answer

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