What does a right triangle means?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Every triangle has three interior angles which total 180 degrees. A right triangle has one of the angles as 90 degrees.

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Q: What does a right triangle means?
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Related questions

What does a triangle with a square inside mean?

It means that it is a right angle triangle

What shape has exactly one pair of perpendicular sides?

I am sure there are several; the simplest would be a right triangle, which means, a triangle with a right angle.

How do you find the hypotenuse to a triangle?

First of all, you have to make sure that it's a RIGHT triangle. That means that one of the angles in the triangle is 90 degrees. If not, then it's not a right triangle, and it doesn't have a hypotenuse. If it IS a right triangle, then the longest side is the hypotenuse.

How many right angle have a triangle got?

Sum of all angles at vertices in a triangle is 180. Right angle means 90 Degree. A triangle can have only one Right angle.

What does isosceles right triangle?

Isoceles means two angles are the same. Right means one of the angles is 90º. So the triangle has 90º and 45º and 45º angles.

How many pairs of perpendicular sides does a right triangle have?

Perpendicular means meeting at a right angle. A right triangle has 2 sides that are perpendicular, so it has 1 pair of sides that are perpendicular They are known as the "legs" of the right triangle.

Can a triangle have more than one right triangle?

No, because a triangle can only have 180 degrees max, and a right angle has 90 degrees, that means that if there are 2 right angles in a triangle, there will already be 180 degrees, meaning that it will be impossible to make a triangle.

What are the Sides adjacent to the right angle of a triangle?

Adjacent means next to. So you're asking what sides of a triangle are next to the right angle of a triangle. That would be the 2 shorter sides of the triangle or 'legs' of the triangle. The hypotenuse (which is the longest side of the triangle) is directly across from the right angle.

Is it possible to have a right scalene triangle?

scalene triangles means that no three sides have the same length. which means that Yes it is possible to have a right scalene triangle since the only requirement you need for a right triangle is to have a right angle

How do you determine that the triangle is a right triangle?

If a triangle has a right angle, it is a right triangle.

What kind of triangle has a right angle?

A right triangle is a triangle with a right angle.a right triangle is a triangle with 1 side as a right angle

What is equivalence logic?

1. A triangle is a right triangle if and only if it has a right angle. 2. A triangle has a right angle if and only if it is a right triangle.