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Q: What is 2x plus 7 plus 3x?
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2x plus 3x plus 2x plus 3x equals 180?

Ok so 2x + 3x + 2x + 3x = 180.... so combine like terms, 2x + 3x + 2x + 3x is 10x, because 2+3+2+3 is equal to 10, and then so 10x = 180, so divide each side by 10 because the "10" on the left side is multiplying the x, and we want "x" by itself and the opposite of multiplication is division, and 10x/10 is x and 180/10 is 18, so x = 18.

3x plus 4 equals 5x minus 6 solve for x?

3x+4 = 5x-6 3x-5x = -6-4 -2x = -10 x = 5

How do you find the point of intersection between two lines?

At the point of intersecting lines, the points are equal. Watch this: The equation of the 1st line is Y=3x-7 The equation of the 2nd line is Y=-2x+3 Remember, at the intersecting points they are equal. So then: 3x-7=-2x+3 Now solve for x (get x by itself in the form of x=whatever) 3x-7=-2x+3 +2x +2x (What you do to one side of the equal sign you must do to the other) ____________ 5x -7 = 3 +7 = +7 ____________ 5x = 10 now divide by 5 to remove the 5 from the x in 5x. ___ ___ 5 5 x=2 Then you sub x=2 into any of the two equation. Lets use the first one: Y=3x-7 becomes Y=3(2)-7 Y=6-7 Y=-1 So the intersecting point is (2,-1)

3X-23 plus 4X plus 6 equals 5X plus 8?

3X - 23 + 4X + 6 = 5X + 8combining like terms, 7X - 17 = 5X + 8subtracting 5X and adding 17 to each side, 7X - 5X = 8 + 17Then, 2X = 25X = 12.5

If the length of a rectangle is twice the width the perimeter is 42 inches what is the width?

2 (x + 2x) = 42 x + 2x = 21 3x = 21 Therefore, x = 7 The width of the rectangle is 7 inches. The length of the rectangle is 14 inches.

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