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it is called a constant term.

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Q: What is a polynomial without a variable called?
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What is value of polynomial?

The value of a polynomial is determined by that of the variable.

What best describes a root of a polynomial?

A value of the variable when the polynomial has a value of 0. Equivalently, the value of the variable when the graph of the polynomial intersects the variable axis (usually the x-axis).

What is the difference in evaluating a polynomial and solving a polynomial?

Evaluating a polynomial is finding the value of the polynomial for a given value of the variable, usually denoted by x. Solving a polynomial equation is finding the value of the variable, x, for which the polynomial equation is true.

What is this polynomial's degree?

The degree of a polynomial is the highest power of the variable.

How is the degree of a polynomial determined?

The Degree (for a polynomial with one variable) is the largest exponent of that variable.

What does the word degree refer to in a polynomial?

The Degree (for a polynomial with one variable, like x) is the largest exponent of that variable.

What is the meaning degree of polynomial?

The degree of a polynomial is the highest exponent on any independent variable in the polynomial.

Describe a polynomial in one variable?

A polynomial has 2 or more variables. It can also have a negative exponent and a fractional exponent. It's different from a monomial.****BrandonW****

Is 1 over X a polynomial?

No. A polynomial has positive powers of the variable.

Is matrix polynomial and polynomial matrix same?

No. A matrix polynomial is an algebraic expression in which the variable is a matrix. A polynomial matrix is a matrix in which each element is a polynomial.

What are quadratic polynomial quartic polynomial constant polynomial and quintic polynomial?

Those words refer to the degree, or highest exponent that modifies a variable, or the polynomial.Constant=No variables in the polynomialLinear=Variable raised to the first powerQuadratic=Variable raised to the second power (or "squared")Cubic=Variable raised to the third power (or "cubed")Quartic=Variable raised to the fourth powerQuintic=Variable raised to the fifth powerAnything higher than that is known as a "6th-degree" polynomial, or "21st-degree" polynomial. It all depends on the highest exponent in the polynomial. Remember, exponents modifying a constant (normal number) do not count.

Finding values of polynomial functions?

Substitute that value of the variable and evaluate the polynomial.