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It means with irregular polygons

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Q: What is the difference between regular and irregular tessellations?
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What is the Difference between Regular and Irregular solids?

Regular object have equla sides and irregular dont

What is the difference between the regular noun and the irregular noun?

the irregular noun is abnormal

How do you distinguish between a regular solid and an irregular solid?

Regular solids have all sides the same, irregular solids have different sides.

What is the difference between regular and irregular triangles?

Regular polygons have all equal length sides and irregular polygons do not.

What is the difference between a regular-shaped solid and an irregular-shaped solid?

the difference between the an irregular and regular solids are that an irregular solid has sides that are not even and you cant measuer with a ruler and you can not measuer it exactly. a regular solid you can measure without a problem with a ruler.

What does tessellation means?

A sub-division of space into discrete elements. Raster surfaces sub-divide space into regular tessellations such as pixels. Polygons are examples of irregular tessellations.

What is the difference between regular and irregular pentagons?

regular polygon mean equal sides, equal angles irregular polygon mean it is not equal :)

What is the difference between regular and irregular figures?

A regular figure has no curves, no gaps, and ALL lines must be connected. An irregular figure is the opposite of that.

What is the difference between an irregular-shaped object and a regular- shaped object?

I am not positive but i think that a regular shaped object can be measured and an irregular can not Hope this helps :D

How many semi-regular tessellations are there?

there are 8 possible semi-regular tessellations :) hop i can helpp .

Are Tessellations that use only one type of regular polygon called semi-regular tessellations.?


Can heptagons tessellate?

No. Equilateral heptagons (7 sided figures) do not tessellate the plane. Not if no other polygons are allowed. But if you allow a (non-equilateral) pentagon then you might be able to tessellate the plane!

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