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The formula for radius of a cone is radius is equals to square root of volume times 3, which is divided by height times pie. Pie refers to 22 divided by 7.

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Q: What is the formula for radius of a cone?
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Formula for area of cone?

Curved surface area of a cone = pi*radius*slant length

How do you find radius of cone?

Volume of a cone = 1/3*pi*radius2*height To find the radius make it the subject of the above formula.

What is a lateral area of a cone formula?

The curved surface area of a cone is: pi*radius*slant length.

Why is the Volume of a cone Pi times Radius times Radius times height?

Actually it isn't. That's the formula for a cylinder. A cone is 1/3 of that value.

What happens to the volume of a cone if the radius is double and the height is unchanged?

Since the volume of a cone is proportional to the square of the radius (look at the formula), double the radius would mean four times the volume.

How do you find the diameter of a cone?

the formula is one thirdx pix radius squared

What is the formula for the surface area of a right circular cone?

Surface Area = Pi*radius(radius + slant height)

What is the formula for calculating development surface are of truncated cone?

The formula for calculating development surface area of a truncated cone is Avr = π [s (R + r) + R^2 + r^2]. The solution is area (A) subscript r where r is the radius of the top of the truncated cone. In this formula R stands for the radius of the bottom of the cone and s represents the slant height of the cone.

What is the formula for finding the surface area of a two dimensional cone?

It is pi x cone radius x square root ( radius squared + height squared) I think you mean three dimensional cone, no such thing as a two diensional cone

Is the radius of a cone the same as a sphere?

A cone has a base that is a circle. The radius of that circle is its radius.

Formula for volume of a cone?

1/3*pi*radius squared*height of cone=volume

How can you find the volume of a cone with the same base and height?

Volume formula for a cone: 1/3*pi*radius squared*height

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