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SA equals pi times the radius squared

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Q: What is the formula to calculate the surface area for a triangular pyramid?
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What is the formula to work out the surface area of a pyramid?

If it is a triangular pyramid it would be (1/2bh)4 A triangular prism is (1/2bh)5, or (base x height divided by 2)times 4

How are a triangular prism and triangular pyramid volume formulas alike and different?

The answer will depend on what aspect the formula is for: the surface area or the volume being the most obvious options.

What is the formula for a tiangular pyramid?

The volume of a triangular pyramid can be found using the formula Volume=Base Area x height /3. Surface Area can be expressed as Surface Area =Base Area+0.5 x perimeter x side length.

Does a pyramid have a flat surface?

a pyramid with a triangular base has 4 faces. a pyramid with a square base has 5 faces.

What is the surface area of this triangular pyramid?

It is the sum of the areas of its four faces.

What is the mathematical formula for calculating the surface area of a truncated pyramid?

To calculate the surface area of a truncated pyramid, you first take the surface area of each side. That would be the base time the straight height. If it is a 4 side pyramid with equivelant sides, multiply that answer by 4.

What are faces of a triangular pyramid?

The faces are the flat, triangle-shaped surfaces that make up the surface of the pyramid. A pyramid has four faces.

What is the surface area of a triangular pryramid?

Surface area of a triangular pyramid: SA = 1/2 as + 3/2 sl a = altitude of the base triangle s = side of the triangle l = slant height of the pyramid.

What is the surface area of a regular triangular pyramid with the lateral surface area of 72cm?

It is 288 cm^2.

What is the surface area and volume of a triangular-based pyramid?

Volume_any_pyramid = 1/3 × area_base × perpendicular_height For a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron) this becomes: volume = 1/6 × base_width × base_height × pyramid_height For the surface area there is no (easy) general formula: the area of the base triangle and the area of the three side triangles need to be worked out and added together.

Is a triangular prism has the same surface area as a pyramid with a triangular base true or false?

False, the prism can be of any length.

What is the formula for the surface area of a triangular base pyramid?

Calculate the area of the 2 triangles first, which is base multiplied by height, then divided by 2. Then find the area of the 3 rectangles, which is length multiplied by width. Finally, just add all the areas together, and there you go! You get the surface area! :D <3

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