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It is 288 cm^2.

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Q: What is the surface area of a regular triangular pyramid with the lateral surface area of 72cm?
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The surface area of a pyramid is 189 cm squared The area of the square base is 49 cm squared. What is the area of one triangular face of the lateral surface?

As stated, the question cannot be answered. The pyramid could be irregular so that its triangular faces have different areas. If it were a regular pyramid, then with a square base it has four triangular faces whose combined area is 189 - 49 = 140 cm2 So each triangular face has an area of 140/4 = 35 cm2

What is the difference between total surface area and lateral surface area?

total surface area is all of the area. ex. for a square pyramid it would be the area of the square on the bottom and the four triangle sides lateral surface area is all the surface area EXCEPT the base. ex. for a square pyramid it would be the area of the four sides of the pyramid. the bottom square is NOT included. for a triangular prism it would be the area of the three rectangle sides, NOT the two triangular sides

Which part of the regular pyramid formula is for the pyramids lateral area?

The answer to this question depends on what sort of pyramid it is, and that depends on the shape of the base. You can get triangular pyramids (with a triangular base), square pyramids (like those in Egypt), pentagonal pyramids and so on. Let me take just one -- the square pyramid. Let the length of the base sides be 'a' units. Let 'h' units be the perpendicular height (i.e. at right angles to the base and going through the peak of the pyramid) of each side. I gather by lateral area that you mean surface area including the base. I use the symbol * to mean x or multiply. Then the formula for working out the surface area is a*a for the base PLUS each triangular face is 1/2*a*h There are 4 triangular sides so the surface area is (a*a) + 4*(1/2*a*h) If you just want the 4 sides, leave out a*a.

Is a cone a pyramid or a prism?

A cone is a common pyramid-like figure where the base is a circle or other closed curve instead of a polygon. A cone has a curved lateral surface instead of several triangular faces, but in terms of volume, a cone and a pyramid are just alike.

Does a pyramid have a flat surface?

a pyramid with a triangular base has 4 faces. a pyramid with a square base has 5 faces.

What figure has five lateral surface that are triangles?

A pentagon based pyramid.

What is the surface area of this triangular pyramid?

It is the sum of the areas of its four faces.

What are faces of a triangular pyramid?

The faces are the flat, triangle-shaped surfaces that make up the surface of the pyramid. A pyramid has four faces.

What is the surface area of a triangular pryramid?

Surface area of a triangular pyramid: SA = 1/2 as + 3/2 sl a = altitude of the base triangle s = side of the triangle l = slant height of the pyramid.

Can you put pentagonal pyramid in a sentence?

There is supposedly a pentagonal pyramid on the planet Mars. A pentagonal pyramid has five lateral surfaces, and a base surface.

Find the volume and lateral surface area of a frustum of a regular pyramid whose altitude is 30cm and whose base edges are 10cm and 20cm respectively?

first tell me the formula

Is a triangular prism has the same surface area as a pyramid with a triangular base true or false?

False, the prism can be of any length.