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It is a semi-log plot. A plot with a logarithmic scale (goes up by multiples of 10) on each axis is a log-log plot.

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Q: What is the general name of the type of graph where the x-axis has evenly spaced years and the y-axis goes up by multiples of 10?
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What type of graph has the x-axis has evenly spaced years and the y-axis increases by multiples of ten?

That would be a line graph.

How to estimate the average on a line graph?

You cannot, because you will not know whether the observations are evenly spaced.

Graphing is an important tool for expressing and interpreting results in chemistry what is a not a requirement for a properly formatted graph?

Data points must be evenly spaced.

What five ways can a graph be misleading?

1. Label on title or x and y axis 2. Icons for pictographs aren't the same size. 3. Scale doesn't start at zero. 4. Intervals aren't evenly spaced.

What is the definition of coordinate grid?

Coordinate grid is a plane with a x and y axis extending from the origin with multiple perpendicular line spaced out evenly on the grid. Oh, it's also used to graph some data or info (most of the time used in math)

How do you use Graph in data structure?

Em depends on the points your plotting on the graph. If they are evenly distributed then it's probably a linear graph.

What is the general formula for a cubic graph?

The general formula for a cubic graph is y=ax3 + bx2 + cx + d.

What general information can you derive from the graph?

I am sorry but this question refers to a particular graph and the graph or a reference to it was not included.

What general pattern is found on a graph of radioactive decay?

A deacresing exponential graph is formed.

How do you do a line graph?

1.independent variable on x axis 2.dependent variable on y axis 3.units of measurement in parenthesis 4.scale on x-and y axis a. starts with zero b. evenly spaced- each box has the same value c. written next to the line not the spaces d. allows the graph to take up as much space as possible e. scale extends beyond data

What is a linear situation?

A linear situation is a situation where if you made a graph it would go up evenly or in a straight line.

A smooth line that reflects the general pattern in a graph?

The line that reflects the general pattern of a graph is called a trend line.