What is the network topologies function?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Network topologies is the means in which a network is structured. There are two types being physical and logical. Logical topology shows how data is delivered between a network.

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Q: What is the network topologies function?
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What is connecting to a network?

Network Topology decides how Devices on a Network will be interconnected. General used Topologies are BUS, RING & STAR Topologies.

How many computers can be connected on various network topologies?

I found and linked below a website that has information on many, but not all, network topologies.

What is computer network topologies?

Related about computer network model

Which of the network topologies has connections to all the machines in the network?

star topology

What is the definition of concept network?

A network or the network's layout. How different nodes in a network are connected to each other and how they communicate are determined by the network's topology. Topologies are either physical or logical. Below are diagrams of the five most common network topologies.

What kind of network do schools use?

Star topologies. Sometimes combined topologies are used of which i have no idea!! :P

What is a complex combination of pure topologies?

The complex combination of pure topologies is called a Hybrid. Examples of hybrid are star ring network and star bus network.

What are the types of topologies networking?

Bus star ring mesh hybrid

Which network topologies are affected by the loss of one computer?


How explain different type of Network Address Translation with suitable set of examples?

these are the four types of the topologies such as WAN:-Wide Area Network LAN:- Local Area Network MAN- Metropolitan Area network CAN:- Campus Area Network In these topologies meanings are clear for a name

What topologies allows for network expansion with the least amount of disruption for the current network users?


Topologies of computer networking?

Star network,ring network,tree network,bus network