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144 ft2 !

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Q: What is the square footage of area 12ftX12FT?
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Is the floor area the same as the square footage?

If the square footage refers to floor area, yes.

How much square feet of carpeting will you need for a 12ftx12ft room?

144 square feet. Multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

How many square meters is 12ftx12ft?

144ft² = 13.4m²

What is square feet of a building?

Square footage of a building usually refers to the total square footage of floor area.

What is the square footage of a lot measuring 81x180x113x180?

The square footage of a lot measuring 81x180x113x180 is 20,340 square feet. Square footage is found by multiplying the length by the width of an area.

What ls the area square footage of Canada?

Canada's area is 107,474,089,000,000 square feet.

What is square footage?

Square footage is a measure of an area. It is usually for areas for which square feet is a sensible measurement unit, such as a room, or a house. However, we have had people asking about the square footage of countries!

What is the square footage of a 27 foot round area?

If you mean a circle then its square footage formula is: pi*radius2

How do you find the square footage of a hole?

You can't, a hole has volume and thefore needs to be measured in cubic footage. Square footage is a measure of area not volume.

Is the square footage of your roof the same as the square footage of your home?

Unless you have a flat roof, no; the surface area of the roof will be larger than the ground area of the building.

What is square footage of a 5 foot x 12 foot area?

The square footage of a rectangular area is the product of its width and length. The area of a 5 foot by 12 foot rectangle is 60 square feet.

Does home square footage take multiple floors into account?

Square footage is all living area regardless of which or how many floors.

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