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A set-square.

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Q: What is the triangular instrument like a protractor called?
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Is there an instrument that is shaped like a triangle?

A Triangle! (musical instrument)The (Swanson) speed square and the navigational triangle are two other triangular instruments.

What is the old math tool D shaped ruler?

It sounds like you are thinking of a protractor. We still use it a lot today, especially in architecture and design. The protractor is a semi-circular measuring instrument used for measuring angles.

What does a protractor look like?

This is a protractor. It helps you measure angles.

What is the triangular structure on the bottom of the horse's hoof?

The triangular structure is called the frog, it is like a shock absorber for the hoof.

What does a triangular box look like?

There is no such thing as a triangular box or cube. A 3-D triangle is called a pyramid.

Is Balalaika a Russian Instrument?

Russian stringed musical instrument, with a triangular body and a long fretted neck fretted instrument. Usually there are three strings, which are generally plucked with a pick. The balalaika is made in various sizes, and several may be combined to make a band or orchestra.

What is a belly dance instrument called?

Tabla - which is the drum like instrument

What is a shape that looks like a tent called?

The following shape is called a Triangular Prism.

Which 2D shapes will be required to make the net of a triangular pyramid?

It will look like a 2D equilateral triangle if it is a triangular based pyramid which is called a tetrahedron.

What is the instrument called that you play like a grater?

The spoons

What was called the triangular trade routes in the time of the colonies?

cuz it looks like a bag

Which instrument is an ancestor of the modern tuba?

One ancestor is an instrument called the serpent.