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Anything with a negative (-) x value and positive (+) y value is in the second quadrant.

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Q: What points are in the second quadrant of the xy-plane?
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What quadrant is -210 degrees in?

The second quadrant.

What is the quadrant of 8.3?

8.3 Radians? is in the second quadrant. 8.3/pi*180 is about 115. 115 is in the second quadrant.

What quadrant do points lie if their abscissa is positive and ordinate is negative?

The fourth quadrant

How do you find the quadrant number of a point?

If the points have both positive y-values and x-values it is quadrant 1 If the points have a negative x-value and a positive y-value it is quadrant 2 If the points have both negative y-values and x-values it is quadrant 3 If the points have a positive x-values and a negative y-value it is quadrant 4

What is true about all coordinate points in quadrant IV of a coordinate graph?

Their first coordinates are positive and their second coordinates are negative.

The coordinate -23 is found in which quadrant of the Cartesian plane?

In the second quadrant.

Which ordered pairs are in the second quadrant?

Ordered pairs that have a negative x and a positive y are in the second quadrant.

Which quadrant contains -3 0?

Points on the x-axis or y-axis are not in any quadrant. Therefore, (-3,0) is not contained in a quadrant.

In what quadrant is cosine negative and cotangent negative?

The second quadrant (top left).

What is the quadrant on the top left?


Which diagram shows the graph of y equals -x-3?

I can not graph for you, but two points can be found. Zero out X and Y. -X - 3 = 0 -X = 3 X = - 3 Y = - 3, of course Draw a line from the second quadrant into the third quadrant and through the fourth quadrant connecting these two points into a descending line.

In which quadrant is the x coordinate negative and the y coordinate positive?

Second quadrant (II).

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