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I am not 100% sure but I think the most polygons in it is a hexagon since its a hexagonal prsim....

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Q: What polygons make up a hexagonal prism?
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How many polygons make up a rectangular prism?


What shapes make up the net of a hexagonal prism?

Two hexagons and six rectangles

What 2 shapes make up a hexagonal prism?

A hexagon and a rectangle.

What are the three solids put together thst make up a pencil?

hexagonal prism, a cone, and i believe circle or cylinder

Which 2 shapes make up a hexagonal prism?

The possible answer, with the dividing plane being perpendicular to the faces are:A triangular prism and a pentagonal prismTwo quadrilateral prismsOne triangular and one hexagonal prismTwo pentagonal prismsOne quadrilateral and one pentagonal prismTwo short hexagonal prisms.The number of possibilities increased greatly if the dividing plane can be oblique.

What shape is made up of 6 rectangles and 2 hexagons?

6 rectangles an 2 hexagon * * * * * A hexagonal prism.

What does a 12-faced polyhedron look like?

look up dodecahedron(regular, probably what you want), decagonal prism, hendecagonalpyramid, hexagonal dipyramid, pentagonal antiprism, or hexagonal deltohedron, just to name a few.

How many polygons make one football?

On a football there are two types of polygons - large hexagons and smaller pentagons. The number of polygons it takes to make up the football depends entirely on the size of the ball and the size of the polygons.

Polygons that make up a solid are called?

They are faces the polyhedron.

How many polygons make up the net of a triangular pyramid?


What polygons make up a solid is called?

They are called faces of the polyhedron.

What shapes make up a triangular prism?


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