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You get the shape of an envelope with its flap open.

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Triangle and rectangle

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Q: What shape do you get if you put together a rectangle and a triangle?
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What do you get when you put 4 triangle anf 1 square together?

A rectangle

What shape does it make when you put two square together?

a rectangle or square

How do you make a rectangle with triangle and square?

Put the two bases of the triangle together. To form a square. Place the squares side by side to form a rectangle

Why is triangle stronger than a rectangle?

Given unchanging lengths of the sides, a triangle cannot change its shape. But given unchanging lengths of the sides of a rectangle, it can change its shape by some force by changing its angle measurements. If a 2d load were put on a rectangle, enough force could squish the rectangle into a parallelogram, whereas a triangle cannot change shape without changing the lengths of its sides or bending its sides out of shape (most likely into a curve).Given these properties, a rectangle can collapse its shape much more easily and is flimsy compared to a triangle.

What new shape do you get when you put a trapezoid and a triangle together?

a larger triangle, a larger trapezoid, it depends where and how it's placed.

Why do you have to cut the area of a triangle in half?

Because otherwise you would have found the area of the rectangle/square (the rectangle/square being if you put two of the triangles together).

What shape does it make when you put two triangles together?

Sliding them together makes a Big Triangle, flipping them makes a Diamond.

What shape do you get when you put 1 rectangle and 2 triangles together?

if u are talking about polygons then u would get a hexagon

When you put 2 triangles together what do they make?

a rectangle

Why are basketballs in the shape of a sphere?

no u should put them in the shape of a triangle stupid

What is shape like a rectangle?

The Answer Is [___] just put a Straight Line on Top

What do you get when you put three triangles together?

if you put 3 triangles together you get a bigger triangle.

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