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It is a trapezoid and its other 2 angles are obtuse and acute

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Q: What shape has two right angles only one set of parallel sides and no lines of symmetry?
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What shape has equal sides parallel sides and right angles and lines of symmetry?

square and rectangles are technicality squares

Are right angles parallel?

Parallel refers to lines and not angles A right angle is formed by 2 lines that are perpendicular to each other and not parallel If you already have a line and you draw two lines which are at right angles to it, those two lines are parallel.

What shape has 4 right angles 2 pairs of parallel sides 2 lines of symmetry and 2 longer lines and 2 shorter lines?


What shape has two right angles one set of parallel sides no lines of symmetry?

The description given fits that of a trapezoid

What shape has four right angles but only two lines of symmetry?

A rectangle. Obviously the right angles are in the four corners of the rectangle. The lines of symmetry occur across the horizontal and vertical. There are no lines of symmetry on the diagonal.

How many parallel lines does a right angle have?

A right angle has no parallel lines, but it does have perpendicular lines that meet at right angles.

How many lines of symmetry does a rhombus with no right angles have?


Does a pentagon have 5 lines of symmetry and no right angles?


What shape has 5 lines of symmetry and no right angles?

a pentagon

What shape has two right angles one set of parallel sides and no lines of symmetry?

what shape has 2 right angles , no lines of symmetry , 1 pair of parallel sides and no equal sides ?

What lines are not perpendicular?

Parallel lines or lines that don't intersect at right angles

What polygon has 2 right angles and 1 set of parallel lines?

Answera polygon that has two right angles and one set of parallel lines is a hexagon