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A shape in fewer than 3 dimensions.A shape with one or more curved faces or edges.

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Flat shapes such as polygons

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Q: What shapes are not polyhedron?
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What is a 3 dimensional shapes with flat faces?

A polyhedron.

Which 3d shapes have flat faces?

Polyhedra (singular = polyhedron).

What does non polyhedron mean?

It is something that is not a polyhedron. that would includethings which are not shapes, such as concepts (for example a thought, or blue or sour),shapes which have fewer than 3 dimensions,3-dimensional shapes withone or more curved surfaces or edges.

What shapes can you make out of triangle?

Any polygon, and thence, any polyhedron.

A figure made up of simple geometric shapes?

A geometric solid. The answer is NOT polyhedron. A cone, for example, which is a figure made up of the most simple geometric shapes (a straight line) and a circle, is not a polyhedron.

What are the shapes in a polygon?

a polygon(or polyhedron) is a three dimensional figure that has straight edges. * * * * * A polygon is 2 dimensional, a polyhedron is 3-d.

What shapes are polyhedrons?

A polyhedron is a three dimensional shape. A polyhedron is bounded by a number (four or more) of polygons and encloses one space.

What two dimensional shape is made out of a polyhedron?

None. A polyhedron is 3 dimensional and you cannot make a 2 dimensional shape out of 3D shapes.

What shapes make an octahedron?

A polyhedron with eight plane surfaces. Source:

How many 2d shapes are in a dodecahedron?

A dodecahedron is a polyhedron with between 18 and 30 faces.

What are three-dimensional shapes with faces consisting of polygons Answer?

Polyhedra (plural; singular = polyhedron)

Why is a cone not called a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a solid object bounded by polygons. Polygons are plane shapes [bounded by straight lines]. The curved surface of a cone is not a polygon and so the cone is not bounded by polygons and therefore, a cone is not a polyhedron.

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