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Polyhedra (plural; singular = polyhedron)

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Q: What are three-dimensional shapes with faces consisting of polygons Answer?
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Are three-dimensional shapes with faces consisting of polygons Answer?

No. A sphere is a three dimensional shape which has no polygonal faces. Similarly an ellipsoid, a torus, a paraboloid, hyperboloid etc are 3-D shapes with no polygonal faces.

What shapes are in a tetrahedron?

There are points (vertices) lines (edges) and polygons (faces).

What is the relationship with octahedron and icosahedron?

They are both 3 dimensional shapes with faces that are polygons.

Are the faces of a polyhedron all flat surfaces?

Yes and its flat surface faces are in regular shapes.

What shapes are not polyhedron?

A shape in fewer than 3 dimensions.A shape with one or more curved faces or edges.

Why are cylinders and cones not considered to be a polyh?

Polyhedra are 3-dimensional shapes bounded by polygons. Polygons are flat [plane] shapes bounded by straight lines. So a polyhedron cannot have any curved faces.

How are the dodecahedron and icosahedron alike?

They are both simply connected 3-dimensional shapes, all of whose faces are polygons.

What three dimensional figures have polygons for bases?

Any convex three dimensional figure with straight edges (or plain faces) will have polygons for bases so there is an infinity of such shapes.

Euler's rule for a polygon?

The rule applies to POLYHEDRA (3D shapes) not Polygons, which are 2D Faces + Vertices - Edges = 2

Space figure with faces that are polygons?

A __________ is a space figure in which all faces are polygons.

Is a polyhedron a solid figure with faces that are polygons?

Yes it is. It's faces are different polygon shapes such as square, triangle, etc.... To see images and builds of polyhedrons go to this site:

Why cant you use regular polygons as the faces of a platonic solid?

The faces of Platonic solids are regular polygons...

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