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A triangle with side a: 7, side b: 12, and side c: 11 units has an area of 37.95 square units.

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Q: What would be the area of a triangle that has sides that measure to 7 12 and 11?
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What is the area of a triangle which sides measure 68 and 10 inches?

The area of triangle is : 340.0

How do you measure triangle?

It depends on what you wish to measure: the lengths of sides, the angles, the area, the perimeter.

Is it possible for an right isosceles triangle to have an area of 4.5?

Yes. The two equal sides would measure 3.

If the sides of a triangle measure 3 4 and 5 respectively what is the area of the triangle?

Area of a triangle is 1/2*Base*Height. I believe you can take it from here.

The area of an equilateral triangle is 1213 sqcm find its side?

Given this area, the sides measure 52.92734 cm

How do you find an area triangle with only 2 sides?

Its not a triangle if it has only two sides.

How do you measure a square meter?

A square metre is a measure of area and you would not normally measure a square metre. You would measure the linear dimensions of the shape and calculate the area.One reason that you would not measure a square metre is that it can come in all shapes:a circle with a radius of 1/sqrt(pi) metres,an equilateral triangle with sides of 2/fourth root (3) metres.a right angled isosceles triangle with sides of sqrt(2) metres.a square with sides of 1 metres.and so on.

If the sides of a triangle are doubled then the area becomes?

If the sides of a triangle are doubled then the area becomes quadrupled (four times as large).

What are the equal sides of a right angle isosceles triangle when its area is 32 square inches?

The two equal sides each measure 8 inches

What is the area of a 6.3 and 7cm triangle?

Two sides of a triangle are not sufficient to determine its area.

If you have the sides of a triangle how do you get the area?

Half The Base, Times The Height Of The Triangle.

What is the area of a hexagon with sides that measure 20cm?

The area of a hexagon with sides that measure 20cm is approximately 1039.23cm2

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