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Q: When using three letters to name an angle the middle letter represents the?
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When using the letters to name an angle the middle letter represents the?


What letters of the alphabet have 1 obtuse angles?

What are letter in the alphabet that have an abtuse angle

What letter has both a right angle plus acute angle?

If you write it so the middle angle is a right angle, "K" fits the description.

What is a capital letter with one acute angle and one right angle?

Well, you can write all capital letters and find out.

What type of angle is a 119 degree angle?

Which shape represents a 119˚ angle?

The angle of Q represents?

Starting Strength

Which shape represents a 119˚ angle?


What letters of the alphabet have a right angle and an acute angle?

If you are asking what letters have BOTH types of angles in the same letter, the answer is: only KThese letters have acute angles:Upper case letters: A K M N V W X Y ZLower case letters: k v w x y zThese letters have right angles:E F H I K L T and f t

How do you label an angle?

You can identify it by a letter from the alphabet of your choice. Conventionally, if using the Roman alphabet, an upper case (capital) letter is used, or even other symbols. Alternatively, you can name it using the vertex of the angle and one point on each of the two rays forming the arms of the angle. In this case, the letter fr the vertex must be the middle letter. Thus, the angle PQR is formed where the ray PQ meets the ray QR. This is not the same as angle PRQ.

What are the ways to name an angle?

The VERTEX of the angle is always in the middle... so if it is angle ABC, then you can also name it CBA as long as the vertex letter is in the middle, usually there are only 2 ways to name an angle.Also, if there aren't any other angles with the same vertex, you can just call angle ABC, angle B.Summary: If you have an angle:the vertex is labeled B, the others are A and C. what can you call the angle?Answer: ABC,CBA or B

What letters of the alphabet have obtuse angles?

There is no letter in the alphabet that has an obtuse angle.

What is the pythegorean theorem?

a²+b²=c² The letters a and b represent the two legs of a right triangle and the letter c represents the hypotenuse (longest side, adjacent to right angle). This being said, the two legs squared equal the hypotenuse squared. Finding the square root will give you the hypotenuse length.