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Q: A complementarty angle to a 70 degrees has a measure of degrees?
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What complementary angle to a 70 degrees angle has a measure of?

Complementary angles add to 90 degrees so the complementary angle to 70 degrees has a measure of 20 deg.

What is the measure of the supplement of a 70 angle?

110 degrees

5 If the non-base angle of an isosceles triangle has a measure of 70 degrees what is the measure of each base angle?

55 degrees

What is a supplementary angle and what does it measure?

Supplementary angles are two angles that measure up to 180 degrees. EXAMPLE: If the an angle measures 70 degrees, to find the missing angle, you subtract 70 from 180 because supplementary angles equal 180 degrees. Your answer (in this case 110) is the answer for the measure of the missing angle.

If AVB has a measure of 70 and is its angle bisector what is the measure of AVM?

35 degrees

The sum of the measures of two interior angles of a triangles is 70 degrees the measure of the thrd angle is?

Since there are 180 degrees in a triangle, the measure of the 3rd angle would be 180 - 2(70) = 40 degrees.

What is the complimentary measure of an angle to a 20 degree angle?

90 - 20 = 70 degrees.

How many degrees are the angles of the base if the first angle 70 degrees?

If it's an isosceles triangle and the apex angle is 70 degrees then the base angles will each measure 55 degrees

If the measure of an angle is seventy degrees then its supplement measures?

A pair of supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees. In this instance, the supplement of an angle of 70 degrees is 180 - 70 = 110 degrees.

The measure of angle 1 is 50 degrees and the measure of arc PS is 70 degrees Find the measure of arc QR?

30 degrees

If two angles in a triangle are 20 degrees and 90 degrees what is the measure of the missing angle?

70 degrees

What is the measure of the third angle if one is 99 and the other is 11?

If it is a triangle then the 3rd angle is 70 degrees