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Assuming you meant a standard pair of dice, only 1 and 1 add to 2, since there are no negatives, and numbers only stretch up to 6, and due to that, there is no 0. Therefore, 1/36 is the probability (probability of rolling a 1, 1/6, probability of rolling a 1, 1/6, 1/6(1/6) = 1/36).

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Q: A pair of dice is rolled What is the problability fo getting a sum of 2?
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What is he probability that the sum of a pair of dice when rolled is six?

If the dice are fair then it is 5/36.

What is the probability of a sum of 5 being rolled if you rolled a pair of dice?

It is 1/9.

What is the most like sum to be rolled on a pair of dice?


If a pair of dice is rolled how many ways are the two numbers different?

If the order of the dice is irrelevant, then the answer is 21. If the order of the dice is relevant, the answer is 36.

A pair of dice are rolled find the probability at least one dice is a 4?

When rolling one die, the probability of getting a 4 is 1 in 6, or 0.1667. If two dice are rolled, you get two unrelated chances of rolling at least one 4, so the probability is 2 in 6, or 0.3333.

Is it significant to get a twelve when a pair of dice is rolled with probability of less than or equal to five tenth?

The probability to get a 12, with two dice, is 1/36.

What is the expected value of the sum of the number that appears when a pair of fair dice is rolled?

The expected value is 7.

A pair of dice are rolled What is the probability sum 12?

There is one way to roll a sum of 12. There are 36 different outcomes from rolling a pair of dice. Therefore, the probability is 1/36 ~= 0.0278 = 2.78%

What is the probability of getting the sum of 8 from a pair of dice?

It is 5/36.

Is it a pair of dice or a pair of die?

One die and a pair of dice

What is a pair of dice called?

Simply dice, dice is the plural of die. One die and a pair of dice.

What is the chance of a person rolling a pair of dice and getting a sum of four?

One out of six... or however many sides your dice have on it.

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