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If we divide 575 kilometers by 50 minutes we can find how fast the plane travels per minute.

575/50 = 11.5

We know the plane travels 575 in 50 minutes, but we need to know how far it travels in 60 minutes. Knowing that it travels 11.5 kilometers per minute, we can multiply that by 10 and add it to 575.


115 + 575 = 690 km

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Q: A plane travels 575 kilometer for 50 minutes how far it can travel for 1 hour?
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If a plane travels at 900 miles 75 minutes how far will it travel in 2 hours?

1,440 miles in two hours.

What was the geometry teachers's favorite form of travel?

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A plane travels 950 kmh how long does it take the plane to travel 1.00 km?

The plane would take about 1.05 minutes to travel 1.00 km at a speed of 950 km/h.

Travels from Albania in polonia?

Best way is to travel by plane from Tirana International Airport.

A car travels 55 miles per hour and a plane travels 15 miles per minute How far does the car travel when the plane travels 500 miles?

1) 500/15=33.33 minutes

How much time does 1 kilometer take?

The time it takes to travel 1 kilometer depends on the speed at which you are traveling. For example, if you are traveling at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, it would take 1 minute to travel 1 kilometer. Similarly, if you are traveling at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, it would take 2 minutes to travel 1 kilometer.

How fast is a plane going if it travels 156 miles in 5 minutes?

1,872 miles per hour.

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How many hours would it take to travel 4 miles by plane?

It would not take an hour to travel four miles by plane.. It would be mere minutes

What can you travel further in a plane or helicopter?

Most planes can travel much farther than most helicopters. A plane is streamlined, a helicopter tends to be boxy. The streamlined plane travels much further on a gallon of gas than the boxy helicopter.

A plane travels 300 feet in half second At this same speed how many feet will it travel in 10 seconds?

300 x 10 x 2 = 6000 The plane will travel 6000 feet.

Which cannot go around the earth a plane a boat?

A plane and a boat can both travel around the globe, assuming that the plane has enough fuel for the trip and that the boat travels a path with open waters.