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Total number = 10*n.

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Q: Abdul bought n packs of pencils. Each pack has 10 pencils. Write an equation to represent the total number of pencils p that Abdul bought.?
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If Ryan bought 3 packages of pencils Each package contains twelve pencils Michael bought twice as many pencils as Ryan bought How many pencils did Michael buy Write a number sentence?


Franco bought some gumballs. He gave away 23 of the gumballs and had 41 left. Write an equation to represent the number of gumballs he bought?

23 + 41 Hope this helps

What do coefficients in a chemical equation represent?

Coefficients in a chemical equation represent the number of units of the formula immediately following the coefficient that are involved in the balanced equation for the reaction.

A letter used to represent a number in an equation is a?


What is a letter used to represent a number in an equation called?

a variable

What does the decimal number in the periodic represent?

In the equation of a periodic motion it could represent the amplitude, frequency or phase.

What letters on the number plate represent the country Greece?

The letters represent the city or area of the country where the vehicle is bought

What does coeffcients mean in a chemical equation represent?

The number of molecules of the specific compound.

How do you represent 2 less than a third of a number in an equation?


Do the coefficients in a chemical equation represent not only the number of individual particles but also the number of moles of particles?

Yes, the coefficients in a balanced chemical equation represent the ratio of moles of reactants and products involved in the reaction. They do not directly represent the number of individual particles, but they do correspond to the number of moles of particles involved in the reaction according to the stoichiometry of the reaction.

Why do we represent the solution to an inequality with a graph on a number line but we don't do the same for the solution to an equation?

An equation has an equal sign, which means that we know what the variable is equal to :)

What does the large number represent in the chemical equation?

The large number in the chemical equation represents the coefficient, which indicates the ratio of each molecule or formula unit involved in the reaction. It helps balance the equation to ensure that the conservation of mass is maintained.