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the equation is 60p divided by 6 (pencils) =

You do the math.

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10, 6 divided by 60p is equal to 10.

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Q: You bought 6 pencils They cost 60p altogether How much did one pencil cost?
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Johnny bought a pack of 15 pencils for 3.75 how much will one pencil cost?

0.25 which equals 25 cents

What is the cost per pencil if a pack of 12 pencils cost 5.76?

5.76/12=.48 per pencil

Frankie bougt two mechanical pencils Each pencil cost 3.87 What was the total the cost for the two pencils?

This question is for some a bit difficoult because there are so many words.We can simplify it by figuring out what is important in the question.Each pencil cost 3.87.Cost of two pencils?And it is easier to get the grasp of the question.3.87*2=7.74

If 12 pencils cost 1.44 how many would 4 pencils cost?

I'll represent the cost of a pencil by the variable p.12p=1.44p=1.44/12p=0.12So 4 pencils would cost:4p=0.12*44p=0.48

Mrs Crew bought 4 pencils and 3 pens for 5.60 Miss Houston bought 2 pencils and 3 pens of the same kind for 4.60 What was the price of each pencil and each pen?

4x + 3y = 5.60 2x + 3y = 4.60 4x + 3y = 5.60 -2x - 3y = -4.60 ------------------------ 2x = 1.00 x = .50 <==cost of pencil 2x + 3y = 4.60 2(.50) + 3y = 4.60 1 + 3y = 4.60 3y = 3.60 y = $1.20 <==cost of pen Pencils are $.50 and pens are $1.20 <==ANSWER

Would a mechanical pencil cost less in the long run than a pack of regular pencils?


What did pencils cost in 1960?

You could generally buy just one pencil for as less as $.01. You could buy a box of ten pencils for about $.10.

A package of 25 pencils costs 5.75 how much does each pencil cost?

5.75/25 = £0.23

Nick bought 8 pencils n 14 rulers for 38.80 A pencil cost 2.10 more than a ruler Find the cost of ruler?

If a pencil cost $2 and there were 8 of them, the cost would be $16. Out of $38.80, that means there is $22.80 remaining and needs to be divided by 14 which is the number of rulers. The answer is $1.628 per ruler. The information you're providing may be incorrect since it does not add up to $38.80.

Aliyah had 24 to spend on seven pencils after buying them she had 10 how much didi each pencil cost?


If 4 pencils cost 10 cents how many pencils can be bought for 50 cents?

4 pencils cost 10 cents so pencils are 10/4 cents each.So 50 cents will buy 50*4/10 = 20 pencils

How do you answer Ray bought 15 pencils for 7.75 Some cost 45 each the rest 65 each How many of each did Ray buy. Answer step by step please?

x= # of pencils that cost .45 y= # of pencils that cost .65 So now you need 2 equations for 2 variables: 15= x+y This equation is saying: 15 total pencils bought= pencils that cost .45 + pencils that cost .65 The second equation is: 7.75= .45x + .65y This equation is saying: total money spent (7.75)= price of pencils (.45) times # of pencils + price of pencils (.65) times # of pencils Then you combine these two equations, but first switch around the first equation to look like: y=15-x Then you replace the "y" in the second equation by putting in what y equals the first equation: 7.75= .45x + .65(15-x) Then distribute and solve for x: x = 10 Then enter 10 into the first equation for x to figure out y: y= 15- 10 y= 5 So your answer is-- Ray bought 10 pencils that cost .45 and 5 pencils that cost .65