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Yes, however not all quadratic equations can easily be solved by factoring, sometimes you can factor and sometimes it is easier to use the quadratic formula.


x2 + 4x + 4

This can be easily factored to (x + 2)(x +2)

Therefore the answer is -2 by setting x +2 = 0 and solving for x

This can be done using the quadratic equation and you would get the same results, however, it was much faster to factor instead.

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Q: Can Quadratic equations that can be solved using the quadratic formula also be solved by factoring?
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What is the quadratic formula for?

The quadratic formula is used to solve the quadratic equation. Many equations in which the variable is squared can be written as a quadratic equation, and then solved with the quadratic formula.

What is an equation that can be used in quadratic formula completing the square and factoring?

A quadratic equation.

What part of the a quadratic formula tells you when the quadratic equation can be solved by factoring?

The discriminant

What is the quadratic formula used for?

The quadratic formula is used all the time to solve quadratic equations, often when the factors are fractions or decimals but sometimes as the first choice of solving method. The quadratic formula is sometimes faster than completing the square or any other factoring methods. Quadratic formula find: -x-intercept -where the parabola cross the x-axis -roots -solutions

What is the graph of a quadratic formula?

In general, quadratic equations have graphs that are parabolas. The quadratic formula tells us how to find the roots of a quadratic equations. If those roots are real, they are the x intercepts of the parabola.

What is the difference between quadratic formula and quadratic equation?

There are an infinite number of different quadratic equations. The quadratic formula is a single formula that can be used to find the pair of solutions to every quadratic equation.

When solving a quadratic equation by factoring what method is used?

Start with a quadratic equation in the form � � 2 � � � = 0 ax 2 +bx+c=0, where � a, � b, and � c are constants, and � a is not equal to zero ( � ≠ 0 a  =0).

Which the easy way the method of factoring or the solving the quadratic equation?

By knowing how to use the quadratic equation formula.

What are the best on-line calculators for solving quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula?

Can all quadratics be solved by completing the square?

Completing the square is one method for solving a quadratic equation. A quadratic equation can also be solved by factoring, using the square roots or quadratic formula. Solving quadratic equations by completing the square will always work when solving quadratic equations-You can also use division or even simply take a GCF, set the quantities( ) equal to zero, and subtract or add to solve for the variable

What form is the solving for the roots of quadratic equations?

Using the quadratic equation formula or completing the square

What are the 4 quadratic equations?

actoring, using the square roots, completing the square and the quadratic formula.