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You cannot define a line with a single point (a single point only defines itself).

You need two points to define a line (and therefore to write the equation for it).

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Q: Can you always write the equation of a line if you know one point on the line?
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Can you write the equation of a line with one point on the line?

No, you need either two points, one point and a slope, one point and a y-intercept, or a y-intercept an a slope. You can also write the equation of a line with an equation of another line but you would have to know if it is parallel or perpendicular.

How do you write an equation in slope intercept form with a given point?

Slope Intercept form is meant for a line, so if you know the slope m in the equation y=mx+b then with a given point say (3,4) and say the slope of the line was 2 then the equation would read y=2x+4.

Define Volume percent and write the equation?

i dont know hahaha

What is the information you need to know to write a chemical equation?

You need to know:- the reactants and their chemical formula- the products and their chemical formula

How can you write the equation for a linear function if you know only two ordered pairs for the functionDrag tiles to complete the explanation.?

the Equation of a Line Given That You Know Two Points it Passes Through.

How the slope of a curved line at a point can be found?

The slope of a curved line at a point is the slope of the tangent to the curve at that point. If you know the equation of the curve and the curve is well behaved, you can find the derivative of the equation of the curve. The value of the derivative, at the point in question, is the slope of the curved line at that point.

Before you can write a chemical equation What must you know?

The chemical formula of the compounds and their atomic weight and valencies

How do you write a balanced chemical equation if you don't know what the product of your experiment is?

If one knows the reactants, one can very simply obtain the products, the balance the equation from there.

What are the equation of the asymptotes for each graph?

that's simple an equation is settled of asymptotes so if you know the asymptotes... etc etc Need more help? write it

Write an equation for the scatter plot below. Then, use the equation to make your predictions?

Umm nobody can answer this question because we don't know what "the scatter plot below" is.

What is the equation in slope-intercept form of the line that has a slope of -3 and contains the point 1 and1?

Assuming that the point is located at (1,1) then the equation is: y = -3x + 4 We know this by multiplying the slope by the x of the point given, and finding the difference between this value, and the y value of the point. 1 - (-3) is 4, hence the +4 in our equation.

How do you know if an order pair is on the line of an equation?

Substitute the first of the ordered pair wherever x appears in the equation and the second value wherever you have y. Evaluate the equation. If it is true, then the point is on the line and if not, it is not.

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