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Q: Counting a number from zero to infinity?
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What are counting numbers?

The counting numbers are the whole numbers that start at 1 and end at infinity. Although zero is considered a whole number, it is not a counting number.

What is all counting numbers including zero?


What are the last number of counting?


Is infinity zero?

Infinity cannot, by definition, be a defined number such as zero.

What is infinity divided by 5?

Infinity divided by any finite number is infinity. Here are the rules: 1. Infinity divided by a finite number is infinite (I / f = I); 2. Any finite number divided by infinity is a number infinitesimally larger than, but never equal to, zero (f / I = 1 / I); 3. Infinity divided by infinity is one (I / I = 1), or in fact any other positive number (I / I = and so on...); 4. Infinity multiplied by zero (no infinity) is zero (I * 0 = 0); 5. Infinity divided by a positive finite number is infinity (I / +f = I); 6. Infinity divided by a negative finite number is minus infinity (I / -f = -I); 7. Infinity divided by zero is not possible; 8. Infinity plus infinity is infinity (I + I = I); 9. Zero divided by infinity (nothing divided into infinity) equals zero (0 / I = 0); 10. Infinity plus a finite number is infinity (I + f = I); 11. Infinity minus a finite number is infinity (I - f = I); but 12. Infinity minus infinity, due to the nature of infinity, can be zero, infinity, or minus infinity (I - I = -I, 0, I).

Why zero is not a counting number?

The number 0 has no value.Therefore it is not a counting number.

Why is zero a counting number?

zero is not a counting number. if you count the number of kids in a room, would you start with the number 0?

What is the limit of infinity over zero?

infinity? Infinity over zero is undefined, or complex infinity depending on numbers you are including in your number system.

Why is zero times infinity undefined?

Because zero multiplied by any number is always zero, but anything multiplied by infinity is infinity. Zero times infinity is being pulled both ways. Also, the definition of infinity is any number x divided by 0. When you multiply zero by infinity, the zeroes "cancel out", leaving absolutely nothing behind.

What is the result of dividing a number by zero?

You can not divide by zero - it is not defined. Presumably you get infinity, but there are different types of infinity.

Are there the same amount of numbers in counting numbers as whole numbers?

Curiously enough, yes.For each non-zero counting number, N, there are two whole numbers, -N and N. And then there is zero. So the number of whole numbers is approximately double the number of counting numbers. However, the count of such numbers - the cardinality of both of the two sets - is "countably infinite" and the property of this infinite value is that multiplying it by any number still gives the same infinity!

What number comes after -9?

The number line consists of integers that range from negative infinity to positive infinity. The next integer that comes after the number 9 is 10.