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Q: Explain How do you subtract two integers?
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When adding two opposite integers?

Subtract the number you first thought of.

What do people mean when asked explain how you determine a difference when subtracting two integers?

They mean that if you subtract one of the two digit numbers from another then that is the difference. The numbers in the question are usually smallest first so you can't subtract like that. In these questions you may change the order of the numbers.

How do you do addition integers?

addition and subtract in integers

Why is it important to add and subtract integers?

It is important to add and subtract integers: to get a new integer value in mathematics .

The product of two integers is zero what do you know about the value of the least one of the integers explain?

At least one of the integers is negative.

How do you add or subtract integers with a different sign?

Adding two numbers with different signs means subtracting the two absolute integers (without sign) and vice versa.

Explain the process for finding the product of two integers?

The product of two integers is found by multiplying them. Eg. the product of 5 and 3 is 15.

When you add two positive integers their sum is always a positive integers when you subtract two positive integers is their difference always a positive integer?

diffrence will always be positive except when it is zero but is you speak of substraction operation it can be positive negative or zero

What is the meaning of subtract integers?

to subtract an integer, add its opposite or additive inverse.

What can you do with integers?

you can add subtract multiply and divide them.

What two consecutive odd integers squares subtract to give you 24?

72 - 52 = 49 - 25 = 24

The sum of two integers with different sings is 8?

Choose any integer. Let's call it "n". Then subtract 8 - n, to get the other integer. (For the two integers to have different signs, one of the integers must be greater than 8, the other will be negative.)