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It cannot be because the first is a measure of length whereas the second is a measure of area. Basic rules of dimensional analyses states that such comparisons are meaningless.

However, the numerical value of the circumference of a circle and the numerical value of its area will be the same if the radius has a value of 2 in some measurement units.

A circle with radius of 10 cm has a circumference of 63 cm and an area of 314 cm^2 and these are clearly not equal. But if the measurements are taken in units of 5 cm, then the radius is 2 units and the circumference is 12.6 units while the area is 12.6 square units - the same numeric value.

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Q: How can the distance around a circle be the same as the area inside a circle?
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What is area and circumference and are they the same thing?

The area of a circle is the amount of space inside the circle. The circumference of a circle is the distance around the outside of the circle. (So no, they are not the same thing.)

Is the circumference and area of a circle the same?

The circumference of a circle is the distance arround the edge of the circle. The area of a circle is how big the inside of the circle is.

What is the difference between circumference of circle and area of circle?

the circumference is pi times the diameter. the area is pi times radius-squared. And, of course, the Circumference is the distance around the circle, or the outside. While on the other hand, the area of a circle is the amount of space on the inside of a circle:) hope this helps !

What is the area and perimeter of circle?

The area of the (inside) of a circle - the circle itself is a line with no area - is calculated by:pi * r2the perimeter - also called the circumference is the length around the circle and is calculated:2 * pi * rwhere "r" is the radius, the distance from the center to the edge of the circle and "pi" is the irrational number 3.14159....

What is the difference between area and circumference?

Area is the space or room inside a circle and circumference is like the perimeter or the distance around a circle. In terms of pepperoni pizza, area is the cheesey pepperoni and circumference is the crust. On a plate, area is were you can place food and circumference is the edge.

What is the inside measurement of a circle called?

The inside measurement of a circle is called the diameter. It is the distance across the circle, passing through the center.

How do you calculate area of circle without radius?

Well, what you do is you would find the circumference, or the distance around the circle.

The distance around a shape is called?

It is called perimeter.

What is the Pi means?

Pi is a letter in the Greek alphabet used to represent the value 3.1416. When this value is multiplied by the squared value of the radius of a circle (half the distance across the circle times itself), the area inside the circle is then known. The diameter of a circle (the full distance across, or two times the radius) can also be multiplied by pi to give the circumference (distance around the circle).

What is the space inside of a circle called?

What is it called to circle around a point in space

How do you find the area of a shaded circle and the area of an unshaded circle on that is inside the other circle?

To find the area of the circle pi*radius*squared and subtract the area of the figure inside

What is the inside of the circle called?

The inside of a circle is called its area.