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Q: How can the place be divided into regions?
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How many regions in Asia?

Asia is divided into 5 regions.

How many regions is the pharynx divided into?

The pharynx is divided into three regions: nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx.

Is France divided in to regions?

France is divided into 22 regions (plus four more oversea regions). Most of these regions are themselves divided into smaller administrative areas, the 'départements'

Why is Canada sometimes divided into physical regions?

It is a huge country, naturally it will be divided into physical regions.

Is Japan divided into provinces states or regions?

Japan is divided into regions and further subdivided into prefectures.

Do America have an regions?

Yes. It is divided into 5 regions.

What are the different ways the US can be divided into regions?

the regions are west

Is France divided into provinces states or regions?

France is divided into regions, but these regions are modelled after the provinces of the old regime, before the French revolution.

When you Visualize 2 distinct points on a line. The points divide the line into separate regions. How many distinct regions is the line divided into?

It is divided into three regions.

How many regions is the state divided into?

it is divided into 6 regions:p

What are the four regions which Belize is divided into?

Belize is divided in districts

What are the reasons for dividing the country into regions?

There is one reasons on why the counties are divided into different regions. The only why they are divided is because of cultural.