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Q: How can you examine events after you cleared them from event viewer?
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How can you examine events after you have cleared them from the Event Viewer?

You can view the events in the recycle bin. When you delete the events from then event viewer, the automatically go to the recycle bin.

How does one use Event Viewer?

"An Event Viewer can be used for national, local and personal events. You have to have the proper equipment and space in order for the program to work correctly. If done well, the Event Viewer can be a great success."

What log in the event viewer contains exchange related events?


Before clearing the event viewer log explain how you can save the log for later viewing?

When you select "Clear All Events", you will be prompted by Event viewer to save.

What log in Event Viewer shows only warnings and error events?

In Event Viewer, under Custom Views select the Administrative Events log. It shows only error events and warnings.

How do you access the event viewer to view recorded events surrounding the printer or the port it is using?

in control panel go to the administrator tools aplet then click event viewer then system.

Which log in event viewer only tracks errors and warnings?

Administrative Events log

What is the purpose of filtering events in Event Viewer?

ANSWER: I can limit the display of what appears in the log to focus on the important events, by using the Filter.

What event viewer logs contains no events until you configure auditing policies?

Security Logs

Explain how to compare a log file with the current set of listed events?

Open Event Viewer. Open another instance of Event Viewer and open the saved log file. Then you can view them side by side.

What is the computer event viewer?

the computer event view logs events of a computer such as shutdowns, start ups , error that are generated by applications and hardware faults

You are using Event Viewer to view success and failure events that have been saved in the security log What is a valid field located within the details of an event?