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Um. i don't know how to make an i with dots but i can do this Alt+142=Ä and Alt+148=ö hope that that helps you out

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Q: How can you put the two dots above a letter in typing such like this Ä ä?
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How is an A with two dots above it pronounced?

The letter "Ä, ä" is spoken just like the a in the word "Mac".

What do 3 dots shaped like a triangle mean when typing?

It means therefore

How do the two dots above a word change the pronunciation?

The two dots above a letter, known as a diaeresis, indicate that the letter should be pronounced separately from the preceding vowel. This is common in languages like German and Dutch, where it affects the pronunciation of vowels.

Why are there 2 dots above the a in Isa- father in Finnish?

It's a different letter altogether. "Ä" is pronounced very much like the "a" in "cat" or "tag", for example.

What are the two dots above an a called when it makes a short o sound?

The two dots above an "a" that make a short "o" sound are called a diaeresis or umlaut. It indicates that the vowel should be pronounced separately and not combined with the preceding vowel.

What do you call the two dots above a letter like ä?

It is known as an umlauts. It is not used in English, but is used over a vowel, especially in German, to indicate a different vowel quality.

How do you pronounce letter with two dots?

The letter with two dots is called an umlaut and is pronounced by adding a "y" sound before the vowel. For example, "ü" is pronounced like "ue" in German.

What does a you with 2 dots over it mean?

A letter "u" with two dots above it is called an umlaut. In languages like German, it indicates a change in the pronunciation of the vowel, often making it sound as two separate vowels or modifying its sound.

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What does an a with two dots over it mean?

Do you mean, one dot above two dots? If that's what you intended, it means "therefore." I don't think ever seen two dots above one dot... wikipedia article on this: