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Q: How did elliptical geometry change the way maps are measured?
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What are some ways to get proof of the difference between a mile and a kilometer?

Most maps are measured in both. Google maps has a scale of both.

What is the distance measured in miles from El Paso TX to the Grand Canyon?

It is 596 miles according to Google Maps.

What is poche in architecture?

"Poche" is French for "pocket." In architecture it refers to plans or maps that have materials completely blacked in, to get a better idea of the geometry of the physical space by outlining it.

When are new maps coming out for Halo 3 after mythic?

play sonic in halo just download and the maps change

What is the distance measured in miles from El Paso Texas to Port Arthur Texas?

It is 834 miles according to Google Maps.

Did Ferdinand Magellan discovery change the maps?

Yes, he proved that there was a westward route from china to India that changed everyone's maps

Why do maps distort the distance?

routes change all the time

Have maps changed over time?

Yes, with time maps change to include more accurate data and include more places.

How can the shortest distance between two points be a curve?

The shortest distance between two points can be a curve when the path follows the geometry of the space, such as on a sphere or a curved surface where a straight line is not possible. This is because the curve minimizes the distance traveled while staying within the constraints of the space's geometry.

How do maps change?

they change in size the ways the place or places look the geographic placing the size and shape the information changes

Understanding the complete surface of mercury is difficult why?

Because its orbit around the sun is so elliptical and it moves quickly. This is why until the messenger spacecraft went into orbit around it three months ago, there were no complete maps of this planet.

How did maps change during the age of exploratoon?

The more a region was explored, the more detail of the geography was discovered. So maps evolved as more detail was added.