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line up all your numbers together. start with the tenths place and see what is the highest or lowest number. what ever is lowest or highest goes first then keep going until you have no more numbers left in the prob.

clue: make sure you line it up with the decimal, the blank ones add zeros too

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Q: How do explain how to compare two decimals with a different number of digits to the right?
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How do you compare decimals when the digits to the left of the decimal point are not 0?

You compare the integer parts first.

What method would you use to compare decimals?

Line them up so that the decimal points are in the same column. Then check each set of digits from left to right: If the digits are different, then the number with the smaller digit is smaller. Otherwise look at the next digit.

When multiplying decimals count the decimals digits in each?


How do you divide single digits with 3 digits?

by using decimals

Is 0.795 greater than 0.15?

To compare two decimals, start by comparing the digits with the highest place-value. In this case, the first digit after the decimal point. Whichever is greater, belongs to the greater number. If these digits are equal (for example, when you compare 0.15 and 0.173), compare the second digit - and continue until you find a difference.

How do you do greatest to least in fractions and decimals?

To compare decimals: look at the highest-order digit and compare. If it is the same, look at the next digit, and so forth. Thus, 23.5 is greater than 11.4 (because the tens digit is greater), 123.88 is greater than 25.82 (because the second number has no hundreds digit, so you can take it to be zero), 115.28 is greater than 113.99 (the first two digits are equal, so you compare the third digit). To compare fractions: use a calculator to convert to decimals, then compare. Alternately, you can convert to a common denominator, then compare the numerators.

What is the definition for repeting decimals?

A decimal with a continuously repeating digits or group of digits

How are decimals different from whole numbers?

Decimals include a fractional part, represented by digits to the right of the decimal point, while whole numbers only have a whole part, represented by digits to the left of the decimal point. Whole numbers can be positive or negative, while decimals can also be fractions or mixed numbers. Additionally, whole numbers are used to count while decimals are used for measurement and precision.

Sara says the number with the most digit is always greatest do you agree Explain?

§ In comparing two whole numbers, the one with the most digits is always the greater number. § In decimals the number with the greatest number of digits is not always the greatest.

How many digits are trillions?

There are between 12 and 15 digits in trillions. If you include decimals, it is unlimited.

How do you write fraction from least to greastest?

You can compare two fractions by converting them to a common denominator - but if you need to compare several fractions, it would be easier to write each fraction as a decimal, with several digits after the decimal point, then compare the decimals. Oh Yeah And When I Have A Question No One Effen Answeres It!

When you compare the 2 numbers on the left you need to look at the ones digits when you compare the 2 numbers on the right you do not need to compare the ones digits explain?

It might have been possible to think about an answer to this question. But since you have chosen not to provide any further information on the two numbers on the left nor the two on the right, it is totally impossible!