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There are 1440 minutes in one day. Therefore, to convert from miles per day to miles per minute, divide by 1440.

There are 5280 feet in one mile, therefore, to convert from miles per minute to feet per minute, multiply by 5280.

To use a simple example, if someone travels 720 miles in one day, then they travel at 720 / 1440 = 0.5 miles per minute. Multiplying this by 5280 gives 0.5 x 5280 = 2640 feet per minute.

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Q: How do you convert miles in a day to feet per minute?
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What is 180 miles a day coverted to miles a minute?

180 miles per day (24 hours) equates to 0.125 miles (660 feet) per minute.

What is 150 yards per minute to feet per day?

150 yards per minute is equal to 648,000 feet or 122.73 miles per day.

An Arctic tern flew 11000 miles in 115 days How many feet per minute did the bird average?

11,000 miles = 58,080,000 feet 115 days = 165,600 minutes 95.65 miles per day = 350.72 feet per minute

How do you convert miles per hour to cubic feet per minute?

You can't. It's easy enough to convert hours to minutes, but you get into trouble trying to convert miles into cubic feet. Those units are used for measuring completely different quantities, they have different physical dimensions, and neither one can be converted into the other one. I'm sure you've never heard anyone talk about how many cubic feet he drives to his office every day.

How do you convert MMSCFD to CFM?

Coverting MMSCFD which is million standard cubic feet per day to CFM or cubic feet per minute requires knowing how many minutes are in a day. This can be determined by multiplying 60 by 24 and then dividing the MMSCFD by this product.

How many feet does Grace run a day if she runs 3 miles a day?

15,840 feet/day

How do you convert gallons per day to cubic feet per minute?

1 US gallon = 0.133680556 Cubic Feet (ft3); and 1 day = 24 hours = 1,440 Minutes. Math equation for conversion where "x=number of gallons per day" is: (x / 1440) x 0.133680556 Example: If x=30 (gallons per day), then: 0.208333 x 0.133680556 = 2.785 ft3 per Minute.

What is 720miles a day converted to miles a minute?

720 miles per 24 hours equates to 1/2 mile per minute or 30 miles per hour.

Grace runs 3 miles a day How many feet does she run in a day?

She runs 15,840 feet in a day.(:

How do you caonvert 114 miles per hour to feet per second?

1 mile is 5280 feet. 5280(feet) * 114(miles) = 601,920 feet per hour. 601,920(fph) / 60(minutes) = 10,032 feet per minute. 10,032(fpm) / 60(seconds) = 167.2 feet per second. Once you know how many feet traveled in an hour just scale it up or down depending on what you want. For feet per day you'd multiply your fph by 24 hours. For feet per minute divide by 60 minutes and so on.

How many feet per minute is 11000 miles in 115 days?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, 11000 miles is equal to 11000 x 5280 = 58080000 feet. There are 60 x 24 = 1440 minutes in one day. Therefore, 115 days is equal to 115 x 1440 = 165600 minutes. Dividing the number of feet by the number of minutes rounded to two decimal places, gives 58080000/165600 = 350.72 feet per minute.

If you had750 million gallons a day how many acre feet a day would this convert to?

750 million gallons (US) is 2.301.4 acre-feet.

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