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2m^2 - 8 = 2(m^2 - 4) = 2(m-2)(m+2).

A difference of squares, x^2 - y^2 say (or m^2 - 2^2 above), factorises as (x - y)(x + y).

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Q: How do you factor using two m squared minus eight?
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What is 6x squared minus x minus 12 factor using group method?

It is: (3x+4)(2x-3) when factored

Can you solve this using quadratic formula three x squared plus twelve x minus forty-eight?

If you are looking for the zeros of this function: x = -2 plus or minus 2 X the square root of 5.

What is the answer to 4z squared minus 16z minus 18?

Using the quadratic formula you get z≅4.91547594742265 or z≅-0.91547594742265

What is x squared minus one equal two using square root?

X= plus or minus 1

How do you factor 2x squared minus 5x plus 2?

Using the quadratic formula-- ((negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4ac) divided by (2a)) you'll want to google that so you can see it in numerical form. a, b, and c are the coefficiants of your three terms ( 2 is a, -5 is b, and 2 is c) The answer is (x-2)(2x-1).

How you work out x squared minus x minus 56 0?

If you mean: x squared -x -56 = 0 then using the quadratic equation formula x = 8 or x = -7

Using the remainder therom is x plus 5 a factor of x squared -2x-39?


How do you solve 0 equals x squared minus ten x plus 16?

Solve using the quadratic formula

How do you solve x squared minus ten x plus six equals zero?

It can be solved by using the quadratic equation formula.

What is the number fact for the number eight using the doubles fact minus one?


What is the meaning of special product in college algebra?

As an example, the product of (a + b) (a - b) is equal to a squared - b squared."Special product" simply means that there are special cases, when multiplying polynomials, that are worth memorizing. For example, if you know the above, then you can easily start factoring any expression that contains the difference of two perfect squares - for example, x squared minus 1, a to the power 6 minus b to the power 4, or even - if you start using complex numbers - a squared + b squared = a squared - (-1) b squared.

How do you factor C squared plus C minus 56?

c^2 + c - 56 = (c - 7)(c + 8) using the factoring rule: c -7 -7c x x + c 8 8c c^2 -56 c