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If the circle inscribes the square, the diameter equals the square's side length.

In this case, 16mm.

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Q: How do you find the diameter of a circle inside a square of 16mm?
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What is the diameter of a circle that can be drawn in a 16mm square?

16 mm!

What is the precise area of the circle with a 16mm diameter?

Area = 64*pi square mm

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If the diameter is 16mm, then the radius is diameter/2 = 8mm.

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Is the area of a 28mm circle greater than a rectangle of 16mm x 35mm?

I assume 28mm is the radius of the circle. The area of such a circle would be (pi) x (28 squared) square mm The area of the rectangle 16mm width and 35mm length would be 16 x 35 square mm. Now can you evaluate the two values and figure out which is greater. I'm sure you can. Try it. Good luck!

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