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Okay, so the format is y=mx+b in case you didn't know that. M is the increase (slope) in the line. B is the y intercept (something like (0,4) There the 4 is the y intercept. So if I had a line where the y-intercept is -5 and the increase is 4 then the rule would be y=4x-5

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Q: How do you find the equation of a line in a graph?
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How do you find the equation of a graph?

You find the equation of a graph by finding an equation with a graph.

Why do you need to find the equation of a line?

So that you can plot out the points of a straight line on graph paper.

What is the graph of linear equation?

The graph will be a line.

When does an equation graph a line?

When it is a linear equation.

How can you find coordinates on a line graph?

Select any value for one of the variables in the graph and solve the equation to get the other variable.

What can graph a linear equation?

the line

An equation where the graph of all solutions lies on a line?

If it is a straight line, then the equation is linear.

How do you graph when the equation is not slope intercept form?

To graph an equation that is not in slope-intercept form, you can use the process of finding points on the graph and plotting them. Choose a few x-values, plug them into the equation to find the corresponding y-values, and plot those points on the graph. Then, connect the points with a smooth line to complete the graph.

What tipe of equation has a graph that is hoizontal line?

This is a straight line graph with the equation, y = n where n is any positive or negative number.

Which equation has a its graph a line parallel to the graph of -2x - 4y 3?

When the equation of a line is parallel to another line the slope remains the same but the y intercept changes

What does a line graph look like if x-2 and x3?

A line graph needs an equation. x-2 and x3 are expressions: neither is an equation.

What is the term for An equation whose graph is a line?

That would be a linear equation.