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A square does not have volume because it has no depth. A cube has volume. The formula to find the volume of a cube is length x width x height. Because all sides are equal in a cube, you can also cube the length of one side.

Imagine a cube whose sides are all 2cm.

Volume = 2cm x 2cm x 2cm = 8cm3


Volume = (2cm)3 = 8cm3.

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Q: How do you fine the formula to fine the volume of a square?
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What is the volume expression of a square?

The formula that expresses the volume of a square isV = 0 .A square is a 2-dimensional (flat) shape, so it has no volume.

Formula for the volume of a square?

V = 0

What is the formula for volume of a square?

A square is a 2-dimensional figure while a volume is a 3-dimensional concept. The dimensions do not match and so no such formula can exist.

How do you figure out the area of a side of a cube if you know the volume?

The formula for volume is side cubed, and the formula for a square's area is side squared, so you find the cube root of the volume and square your answer to find area.

What is the formula for finding volume of square?

The formula for finding the volume of the square is....... nothing! Its nothing because squares are 2D and I guess you could probaly use area..... :)

Formula for finding the volume of a square?

Vol = 0 That is because a square is a 2-dimensional object and 2-d objects do not have a volume.

What is the formula of square pyramid?

The formula for a square pyramid is one square attached to four triangles which meet at a point.There are other formulae for the surface area or for the volume.

What is the formula for volume for a square?

Volume is in 3D objects, so you should say volume for a cube. Area is for 2D objects, that is area for square. Volume for cube = side * side * side Area of square = side * side

What is the volume formula of a square pyramid?

V = (1/3)a2h

What is the formula to find a square m3?

What is a square m3? If it is a measure of hyper-volume in 6-dimensional space, then presumably the formula is analogous to the formula for volumes in 3d space.

What is the formula to work out the maximum volume of a folded square?

A square is two dimentional and has an area (side X side = # of square inches) A square has no volume unless it is three dimentional, in which case, it would be a cube and not a square.

What is the formula for finding the volume of a square based prism?

V = Ah/3

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