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Q: How do you make a 10 by 10 magic square?
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In a magic square of 9 spaces the sums of the columns rows and diagonals are all the same Using the digits 2-10 only once fill in the blanks to make this figure a magic square with a sum of 18?

[ 9 ] [ 2 ] [ 7 ][ 4 ] [ 6 ] [ 8 ][ 5 ] [10 ] [ 3 ]

How is the magic number in a magic square found?

if the magic square is magic then it is found inside bananas.

Integer magic square -5 to 10?

Take any valid 4 x 4 magic square. For example: 9 6 3 16 4 15 10 5 14 1 8 11 7 1 10 16 Decrease every number by 6, so that the smallest number you will find in the square is -5, and the largest number in the square will be 10. This is a valid magic square for the set of numbers given and can be rotated any of four ways, and reflected either of two ways.

How do you make a fraction magic square?

To make a fraction magic square, start by filling in the grid with fractions so that each row, column, and diagonal has the same sum. Use different fractions that have the same sum but different denominators to create a variety of solutions. You can also adjust the value of the fractions to make the magic square more challenging.

Need a example on how to do magic square with fractions?

Here's an idea: Why not simply draw an ordinary 3 x 3 magic square with the numbers 1 through 9, then in each cell, draw a line under the number and add a denominator of 10. Bingo. You have a magic square comprised of the fractions 1/10 through 9/10, and the universal sum is 1.5 instead of 15. Something along those lines.

How many square decimeter make 1 square meter?

10*10 = 100 of them.

Make a magic square of 4 by 4 using 0 to 9 only?

its impossible because in a 4 by 4 magic square u need 16 numbers u cant do it with just 0-9

How do you solve a 3x3 magic square with 25 as its total?

3x3 magic square 25 total

Is it possible to make a magic square with no ones?

Yes. Simply take a square with one and add the same number to each one of the numbers in it.

How do you make a magic square without the number 3?

Start with a magic square which includes the number 3. Then either: Add 3 to each number, or Multiply each number by any integer other than 3.

What is the magic constant of Durer's magic square?

The constant is 34.

What is the magic square that uses multiples of five?

Just take any magic square, and multiply every number by 5. Here you will get another magic square with all numbers multiples of 5.