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You cannot since the transformation is not a horizontal shift.

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Q: How do you write y equals 4cos1over2x as a horizontal shift of the other function?
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What is a constant function?

A constant function is a function that always yields the same output value, regardless of the input. In other words, the function's output is a fixed value and does not depend on the input variable. Graphically, a constant function appears as a horizontal line.

Can the graph of a rational function have both a horizontal and oblique asymptote?

Piece wise functions can do everything. Take two pieces of two rational functions, one have a horizontal asymptote as x goes to -infinity and the other have a slanted (oblique) one as x goes to +infinity. It is still a rational function.

Is y equals 2x a linear function?

Yes it is. the two numbers will always have the same proportion to each other.

Y equals 2x-2x-24 determine the roots of the function?

If Y equals 2X - 2X - 24, then there is one root, and it is -24. The two 2X's cancel each other out.

Is the parabola with an equation of x equals y2 is a function?

Yes, but x would be a function of y, not the other (usual) way round. The domain of the function would be y in (-infinity, +infinity) and the range x in [0, +infinity).

What are all horizontal lines parallel to?

other horizontal lines? which would be 180 degrees i guess.

How do you write 9x-2y equals 6 in function form?

Well, if you solve the equation for "y", you have "y" as a function of "x". Or you can do it the other way round; solve for "x", to get "x" as a function of "y" (the first option is more commonly used, though).

Is y equals x squared a nonlinear function?

Yes, y=x^2 is a non-linear function. In fact it is a parabola. Graphing one is quite easy using a table of values or other methods.

What is the graphic representation of cosine function?

Just like the sine function displaced by pi/2. In other words the cosine equals 1 at 0 degrees, 0 at 90 degrees, -1 at 180 and so on.

Do horizontal lines intersect?

No, horizontal lines are parallel to each other and parallel lines never intersect.

What way does a horizontal line go?

A horizontal line goes from left to right and looks like this. Also, all horizontal lines are parallel to each other. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Does horizontal velocity effect the rate of vertical velocity?

No, horizontal velocity does not affect the rate of vertical velocity. Each component of velocity (horizontal and vertical) is independent of the other. They act separately to determine the motion of an object.