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Joule is a unit of energy, watt is a unit of power. Power is energy per time unit. In a way, those are incompatible units, but if you know in what time you spend a certain amount of Joule, you can convert to Watt, and vice versa. For example, if you use 200 Joule in 2 seconds, that is 200/2 = 100 Joule/second, or 100 Watts. Or, if a light-bulb uses 35 Watts, that is 35 Joules every second, so in an hour it will use 35 x 3600 = 126000 Joules, or 126 KJ.

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Q: How dou you convert joules to watts?
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How many watts in 7000 joules?

To convert joules to watts, you need to know the time over which the energy is expended. Since power in watts is defined as energy in joules divided by time in seconds, you cannot directly convert 7000 joules to watts without knowing the time duration.

How do you convert 1997436.144 Kilojoule to KiloWAtt?

You can't convert from Joules to Watts because Joules is a measure of total energy, and Watts measure energy per second.

How many joules of light energy are in 1440 watts of electrical energy?

To calculate the energy in joules, you can use the formula: energy (joules) = power (watts) × time (seconds). If you have 1440 watts of electrical power and want to calculate the energy in joules for a specific time period, you would need to know the time duration in seconds.

What is the conversion from joules of energy to watts of energy?

Power (watts) is a measure of energy transfer over time, while energy (joules) is a measure of total work done. The formula to convert energy in joules to power in watts is: Power (watts) = Energy (joules) / time (seconds).

What equals 100 watts?

That depends what you want to convert it to. Watt is a unit of power. 100 watts is equal to:0.1 kilowatts100 joules/second

What is 6 million joules in watts?

To convert joules to watts, you need to know the time period over which the energy is expended. Watts = Joules / seconds. Without this information, it is not possible to directly convert 6 million joules to watts.

How do you convert Mega Joules to Joules?

You can't convert them directly, because they measure different things. The unit for energy is the Joule. Power means how fast energy is transferred; it is measured in Joules/second, also called Watts.

How many watts are 4680000000joules?

Watts are a measure of power, Joules are a measure of energy. The energy is equal to the power times the time. So if you have a power of 5 watts running for 7 seconds, that is 5x7 Joules of energy, or 35 Joules. Looked at another way, power measures how fast energy is converted. So 35 Joules converted in 7 seconds would be 5 watts of power, but it would need 35 watts to convert that energy in 1 second.

How much power in watts will an led bulb consume if its energy is 6 joules?

Joules (energy) are not equivalent to Watts (power).If something converts 6 Joules every second, it is 6 Watts. If it takes ten seconds to convert 6 Joules, its power is 0.6 Watts.Multiply the Watts by the seconds to find the Joules.CommentYou do not 'consume' power. Power is simply a rate; you cannot consume a rate! You consume energy; the rate at which you consume it is power.

A couch potato might consume 6 million Joules of energy in a day What is this rate of energy consumption in watts?

To convert energy consumption from Joules to watts, divide by the number of seconds in a day (86,400). The rate of energy consumption for the couch potato would be 69.4 watts.

How you convert 36watts in joules?

Watts is a unit of power; Joules is a unit of energy. Watts means Joules/second, so you would need to know how long a machine that uses 36 watts (for example, certain light-bulbs) is used.36 watts is simply 36 Joules per second; this is the same as 2160 Joules per minute, or 129,600 Joules per hour.Since the electricity bill is measured in kWh instead of Joule (1 kWh = 3,600,000 Ws = 3,600,000 Joule), you might also say that a device that uses 36 watts uses 0.036 kWh every hour.

60-watt light bulb in jouls?

To calculate the energy used by a 60-watt light bulb in joules, you need to convert the power (watts) to energy (joules). First, convert watts to joules per second (1 watt = 1 joule/second), then multiply by the time the light bulb is on. So, for example, if the light bulb is on for 1 hour (3600 seconds), the energy used would be 60 watts * 3600 seconds = 216,000 joules.