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Well, you could make triangles and measure them with a ruler. Make sure they are ALL THE SAME LENGTH.

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Q: How draw equilateral triangle on geoboard?
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Why is not possible to make an equilateral triangle on a geoboard?

because it has angles so you can't make a triangle

Explain how to draw an equilateral triangle?

An equilateral triangle means a triangle with all three sides with equal dimensions. For drawing an equilateral triangle first you will have to choose a measurement to draw the sides of the triangle. For example, lets take the side to be 4cm. When you draw the base of 4cm you will have to draw the other two sides of 4cm as well. Thus an equilateral triangle is constructed..

Is it possible to draw an equilateral acute triangle?

Yes, because an equilateral triangle is always acute.

Is it possible to draw a obtuse equilateral triangle?


Draw a triangle that is not a regular triangle?

If by regular, you're referring to a regular polygon which has all sides equal length, and all angles equal, then an equilateral triangle is a regular triangle. If you draw a scalene triangle or an isosceles triangle then it will not be equilateral.

Can you draw a triangle with a line of symmetry?

Yes either an isosceles triangle or an equilateral triangle

Is it possible to draw an equilateral equiangular triangle?


Is it possible to draw a triangle that is both obtuse and equilateral?

No because an equilateral triangle has 3 equal acute angles of 60 degrees

Can you draw an equilateral acute triangle?

Yes because the measure of each angle in an equilateral triangle is 60 degrees which is an acute angle.

Is it possible to draw a equilateral triangle with the sides 8cm 9cm 10cm?

No because the 3 sides of an equilateral triangle are equal in length

Is it easier to draw an equilateral or a scalene triangle?

An equilateral is easier because it has 3 equal sides

Which of the following triangles are impossible to draw?

a right obtuse triangle, a scalene triangle, and a right equilateral triangle