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The question does not make sense. It needs to be reworded.

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Q: How many seconds is 3 meters per second in ten seconds?
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How many seconds in 1metres per second?

meters per second is a speed measurement and seconds is a time so the amount of meters per second depend on both meters and seconds not just one

A car accelerates from rest at 2 meters per second per second What is its speed 3 seconds after the car starts moving?

6 meters per second. Explanation: After 1 second = 2 meters per second. After 2 seconds = 4 meters per second. After 3 seconds = 6 meters per second.

What is 100 meters in 12 seconds in meters per second?

8.3 meters per second.

What is 75 meters in 12 seconds in meters per second?

6.25 meters per second.

How many meters per seconds is in miles per hours?

1 mph = 0.44704 meters per second.

What is the calculation for meters per seconds?

Divide total meters by total seconds to get meters per second

What is 10 meters in 1.39 seconds as meters per second?

10 meters in 1.39 seconds equates to approximately 7.2 meters per second.

Which is faster 50 meters in 10 seconds or 30 meters in 5 seconds?

50 meters in 10 seconds is faster. you go 5 meters per second in 50 meters per second, and you go 6 meters a second in 5 seconds..

How do I convert meters per square second to meters per second?

Multiply by seconds.

88 kmh equals how many meters per seconds?

88 km per hour = 24.44 meters per second.

Is the answer to 20 meters per second divided by 5 seconds equal 4 meters per second?

4 meters per second squared.

One meter divided by 0.18 seconds equals how many meters per second?

(1/0.18) = 5.555 meters per second (rounded)

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