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Q: How much clearance for between rider ing and cylinder?
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When overtaking a bicycle rider you must give him how many feet of clearance?

As much as is safe for the prevailing conditions.

How much clearance is allowed from the piston to the cylinder wall on a 2000 YZ 125?

Well...... you need A LITTLE bit of clearance for the gas mixture to lubricate the piston and cylinder. Plus your piston expands when it gets hot.

Whats the difference between a cube and a cylinder?

There is not much difference between a cube and a cylinder. The cube is a 3d square and a cylinder is actually 3d circle in a rectangle form.

How much space should be between the bottom of the door and the floor?

clearance between door and floor with forced air system

Why do bicycle companies measure the diameter and circumference of their tires?

To tell the rider which rims it'll fit, how much clearance it'll need in the frane/fork and what types of riding surfaces it'll work with.

What is the difference between a cylinder and a rectangle?

A cylinder is much easier and more enjoyable to place in one's anus.

How much does Corelle clearance costs?

Corelle clearance varies based on its application as either Kitchenware, Dinnerware or Drinkware. Its cost can vary somewhere between $3 and $65 maximum.

How much clearance should there be when the pressure plate is assembled to the flywheel?

Need to know how much clearance where.

How much clearance is needed between a dining table and the wall for dining chairs to be pulled out comfortably?

90 cm minimun

What is the clearance between a piston and the cylinder?

The clearance between piston and cylinder walls is much larger than you might think; perhaps .05" or even more. The reason for such a large gap is partly manufacturing tolerances, but even more because of differential expansion of piston and cylinder as the engine first starts up and heats up.Both problems are solved by making the piston undersized and machining three or more rectangular section grooves around the outer surface of the piston. A hardened steel ring fits into each groove; it is sprung such that it presses against the cylinder wall. These piston rings take up the difference in diameter between piston and cylinder, and automatically compensate for differential expansion. They also take up wear as the engine ages. Another bonus is that the piston itself does not rub against the cylinder wall. The resistance to wear which is necessary for long engine life comes from the hardened steel rings. The piston does not have to be made of hardened steel, and many are actually made from aluminium.

How do you adjust valve clearance in a chevy 350 with a solid lifter cam?

The manufacturer's cam card will tell you how much clearance, and whether the clearance is measured hot or cold. From the point when the #1 cylinder is at TDC you can set 1, 2, 5, and 7 intake valves and 1, 3, 4, and 8 exhaust valves. Rotate the engine one revolution and set the rest.

How much clearance is required between plumbing and electrical underground services?

I do not think there is an actual code but general rule of thumb is 1 foot between all utilities.