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From what I can make out, the graphs have the same shape but the first one is 4 units higher than the second. This difference means that the first has no real roots while the second does.

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Q: How the graphs of the functions y x2 2 and y x2 - 2 are alike and how they are different.?
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How do you do equations and graphs for slope?

The equation for the slope between the points A = (x1, y1) and B = (x2, y2) = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1), provided x1 is different from x2. If x1 and x2 are the same then the slope is not defined.

What happens in the graphs of the functions that have variables in the denominator?

The answer depends on the form of the expression in the denominator. For example, the graph os 1/(1 + x2) has a pretty well-behaved graph, with a maximum vaue of 1 when x = 0 and asymptotes of y = 0

How does the graph of y equals x2 differ from the graph of y equals x2-4?

Assuming you meant y=x2 & y=x2-4 They are both straight-line graphs, however - they produce different results. Using the values of 1,2,3,4 & 5 for x (as an example)... In the first equation, the value of y would be 1,4,8,16 & 25 In the second equation, y would be -3,0,4,12 & 21

Are all continuous functions linear?

Not at all.Y = x2 is a continuous function.

Use the the following functions to solve fx x2 x 1 gx 5 - 2x hx -x2 goh2?


Is y x 2 a function?

y = x2 or y = x +2, both are functions

What are the coordinates for x2 plus y2 equals 185 and x plus y equals 17?

We believe that those equations have no real solutions, and that their graphs therefore have no points of intersection.

How do you solve this problem it just says solve x2 plus 3y equals 7 3x plus y2 equals 3?

x2 + 3y = 7 3x + y2 = 3 3y = x2 + 7 y2 = -3x + 3 y = x2/3 + 7/3 y = ± √(-3x + 3) If you draw the graphs of y = x2/3 + 7/3 and y = ± √(-3x + 3) in a graphing calculator, you will see that they don't intersect, so that the system of the given equations has not a solution.

How is 6 x2 different from 4 x 3?

The answers are not different but the breakdown is.

How do you evaluate functions?

To evaluate a function means to replace the variable with some value, and calculate the value of the function. For example, in the parabola y = x2 (or, using functional notation, f(x) = x2), if you replace x with 10, and calculate x2, you are evaluating the function for that specific value.

How do you install android in nokia x2?

not possible because x2 has different cpu architecture and android doesn't support that...if you have to change your hardware.

What is the integral of sinx2?

If you mean the the integral of sin(x2)dx, It can only be represented as an infinite series or a unique set of calculus functions known as the Fresnel Integrals (Pronounced Frenel). These functions, S(x) and C(x) are the integrals of sin(x2) ans cos(x2) respectively. These two integrals have some interesting properties. To find out more, go to: I hope this answers your question.