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You would take 2 and replace it for x in your other equation and solve.

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Q: How would you solve x equals 2 to find the y intercept?
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How do you find the intercepts of 4y-12 equals 4x?

To find the y-intercept you substitute in 0 for x and solve. To find the x- intercept you substitute in 0 for y and solve. If you do it correctly you should find the x-intercept to be -3 and the y-intercept to be 3.

What is the xintercept for this linear equation 6x - y equals 9?


How do you find the x and y intercept of -4 plus 8y equals 16?

Your equation does not have an x variable. So as-is would be a horizontal line (no x-intercept). If this was a typo and you meant to have x in one of the terms then it would have an x and y intercept. The y intercept is where it intersects the y-axis. The x coordinate of the y-axis is x=0, so substitute x=0 into the equation, and solve for y. To find the x-intercept, substitute y=0, and solve for x.

How do you find the y-intercept of the graph represented by the equation on 2x-xy equals 12?


How do you find x intercept and the meaning and y intercept?

solve the x and you find the y

Find the X and Y intercepts of 3x plus 7y equals 42?

The x intercept would be 14 and the y intercept would be 6.

What is y intercept and x intercept of y x plus 8?

To find the y intercept put zero in for x and solve. To find the x intercept put zero in for y and solve. (0,8) and (-8,0)

How do you find X and Y intercepts of -4X plus 3Y equals 10?

Put 0 in for x and solve for y to find the y intercept. Put 0 in for y and solve for x to find the x intercept. -4(0)+3y=10 y=10/3 y intercept is (0,10/3) -4x+3(0)=10 x=-10/4 x intercept is (-10/4,0)

Find the y-intercept of y equals 2x?

Normally, the y-intercept would be after the x term, but because there is no x term the y-intercept is 0.

Find the coordinates of the y-intercept for the equation y equals 3x-7?


Find the y-intercept of the function y equals 2x - 8?


Is it true that to find the x-intercept let x equals 0 and solve for x?

No. If you let 'x' =0 then 'x' is zero and there's no reason to solve for it.At the x-intercept ... just like at any point on the x-axis ... 'y' is zero.Let 'y' equal zero, then solve for 'x'.