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0.065 x 33.51 = 2.18 tax (rounded)

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Q: If a sweater cost 33.51 and the tax is 6.5 percent what is the tax amount?
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A sweater cost 25 I have a coupon for 20 percent off how much do I pay for the sweater?


A sweater costs 35 the total cost of the sweater if sales tax of 5 percent is added is equal to?

35x1.05= 36.75

What is the sales price on a sweater that cost 40 and is 25 percent off?

The sale price is $30.00

What is the sale price of a sweater that cost 53 dollars but is 30 percent off?

The sale price will be $37.10

How much did it cost to buy a sweater during the great depression?

During the Great Depression, the cost of a sweater could vary greatly depending on the quality, brand, and location. On average, a basic sweater could cost anywhere from a few dollars to around $10, which was a significant amount considering the economic hardships of the time.

A sweater is on sale for 15 percent off of its original priceif the sweater originally cost 47.60 how much is it sale price?

15 % of 47.60 would make the sale price $40.46.

Peter bought a pair of trousers for 29.99 a shirt for 24.98 and a sweater for 39.99 if theres a 6 percent percent sales tax on clothing what is the total cost?


The cost of a sweater vest and a blouse cost 57 the sweater vest cost twice as much as the blouse how much does a blouse cost?

57 divided by 3 = 19

How much does a sweater cost?

500 dollars

How much did a men's wool sweater cost?

A mens wool sweater costs 5 million dollars.

Karen wants to buy a sweater that is 34.00 If the sales tax is 6 percent what is the total cost of the purchase?

The total tax is $2.04 and the total price with tax is $36.04

A sweater costs 12 more than twice the cost of a skirt and the matching sweater costs 38 What is the cost of the skirt?

Well we know that a sweater costs 12 more than TWICE the cost of a skirt and we also know that the sweater is $38 what we. Need to know is the cost of the skirt. So lets say c= cost of the skirt ok? Ok so we would do 12+2c= 38 right? Right so your answer is 13.